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This demonstration shows how advanced features in DeltaV Virtual Studio provide for high availability and disaster recovery. Varying levels of availability protection in this demonstration show how DeltaV Virtual Studio ensures your system stays up and running or minimizes recovery time in a disaster event. Watch and learn more.  

Current available opportunities

by Bill Fester on September 11, 2014

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Current needs for DeltaV applications and programming include: Three opportunities for a DeltaV programmer with experience in creating code for pharmaceutical processes. Requires someone familiar with batch code writing on a DeltaV system with a very strong preference for someone with previous pharmaceutical experience. This is a contract role and my last for six months […]

Significant improvements can be demonstrated in updating automation in either independent machine controls or an entire facility. More and more manufacturers are upgrading control systems primarily to fight the battle of equipment obsolescence, rather than taking the opportunity to invest in upgrades, in order to gain more productive years out of major capital assets. There […]

  Control Systems Engineer with twenty-five (25+) years in engineering, programming, design, construction, commissioning and start-up in the Oil/Gas production, refining, power and petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and other manufacturing industries. Experience includes: Project and construction management, Process Instrumentation, DCS, PLC, ESD and SCADA; Compressor control and anti-surge systems, GE Multilin motor protection, Variable Frequency Drive – […]

Distributed Control Systems (DCSs) Are Gaining New Capabilities, Such as Integrating with Safety Systems, to Match the Unique Needs of Their Process Applications You can’t just waltz into a refinery’s process control system with mainstream, IT-based computers and expect to be successful. Big process applications are unique environments—even from one to another—so they need the […]

So, for fun today I decided to pretend I was an Emerson DeltaV programmer and I wanted to change jobs.  Now in the process control world I am GOLD, but that’s beside the point. If you happen to plug into the massive job database Indeed, there’s no doubt you’ll find hundreds of openings for what […]

Continuous Data Analytics

by Bill Fester on September 28, 2012

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by Terry Blevins From: Modeling And Control   One of the areas addressed by the DeltaV future architecture team over the last two years has been the research and development of on-line continuous data analytics for fault detection quality parameter prediction. This year a prototype of this capability is being tested at two plants in […]

DeltaV Supplies Back on Track

by Bill Fester on September 27, 2012

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From: ControlGlobal.com   As you may know, supplies of DeltaV systems from Emerson Process Management were badly disrupted by the severe flooding in Thailand last year. There were reports of up to 1 year’s wait for certain DeltaV parts sourced in that area. Now there’s some good news. The following was posted by David Imming, […]

PURPOSE: I am seeking a Lead Engineering position in the control system field that shall enable and challenge my  DCS, PLC, and SIS experience and knowledge  The position could include project management and direct supervision of system design or system configuration engineers.   EDUCATION: Bachelors of Chemical Engineering Degree, Villanova University, Villanova, PA   PROFESSIONAL […]

The Chemical Industry Is Divided in 2 Parts, Low-Cost Commodity Providers and Providers of “Capability” From ControlGlobal.com   By Aaron Hand If there were an award for most compelling session title at this week’s Emerson Exchange, it would probably go to Jos Berkien and Chris Hamlin, who put forth, “The Death of Quality and the […]