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William J. Fester, President

William has 25 years of experience in the staffing industry: five working for other firms, and seventeen with his own company, Insight Technical Solutions. During this time, his company has provided individuals from a variety of technical backgrounds on contract to manufacturing clients in the petrochemical, refining, pharmaceutical, power, and paper industries amongst others. The clientele range from local firms to national locations, from small manufacturers to firms such as Georgia Pacific, Lyondell, Pfizer, Bayer and Nabisco. He has focused on providing his clients with the talent required, in such disciplines as process control, environmental and safety compliance, as well as FDA validation services. Bill has become well-known as a “go-to guy” when clients need solid expertise quickly.

Fredrica T. Lake, Executive Assistant

With 25 years experience in the IT arena and business administration, Fredrica brings a diverse set of skills to Insight Technical Solutions. Her responsibilities include bookkeeping, payroll, invoicing, 401(k) administration, tax compliance, insurance, and office management. In addition, she provides technical support and programming for the office’s computer systems.

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John Andrews September 5, 2016 at 8:09 pm

Hi Bill, We know each other via mutual friend, Dave Bishop, who I believe you are in contact with from time to time. Well, you have heard about our “exit strategy” from the Wyoming project, after five years for me – I was just about the last technical person there from our group, until a month ago. Well, Dave has been asking me to go to Florida for a while now, but not quite yet, things aren’t ready. Well, plenty of old friends in the paper industry, where I’ve been for the month of August, just for old times sake, I might say. But the paper industry doesn’t pay too well, and I would better leverage my skill set by finding a situation more suited to what I can offer, namely, multi-platform skills & experience, will travel anywhere and participate in grueling startups whenever, wherever, such as a mid-January diesel refinery in Idaho a while back, not to mention the desert of Western Wyoming. And I point to being a quick study for anything I don’t already have under my belt. References available and will send CV if you think of anything that might fit for a couple of months. Contract/short term. Drop me a line if you think there’s anything to discuss (317) 698-2246


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