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Significant improvements can be demonstrated in updating automation in either independent machine controls or an entire facility. More and more manufacturers are upgrading control systems primarily to fight the battle of equipment obsolescence, rather than taking the opportunity to invest in upgrades, in order to gain more productive years out of major capital assets. There […]

Herding Cats: Successfully Manage All Those Process Variables With a Systematic Approach to Plant-Wide Control From ControlGlobal.com By Sigurd Skogestad A chemical plant may have thousands of measurements and control loops. By the term “plant-wide control,” I do not mean the tuning and behavior of each of these loops, but rather the control philosophy of […]

by Greg McMillan Batch and fed-batch reactors are designed so that the product concentration is always increasing in the reaction phase of the cycle whereas continuous reactors are designed to hold a constant product concentration. These fundamental differences have enormous implications in terms of composition control.   From Modeling and Control

from Modeling and Control by Greg McMillan Reactors are the pivotal unit operation that sets plant capacity and efficiency besides product quality. Reactors provide good examples of the common and distinctive opportunities for the PID control of batch, fed-batch, and continuous unit operations. Here we examine pressure, temperature, and endpoint control.