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SMX removable media scanner, deep packet inspection among latest Honeywell cyber security enhancements.   When it comes to cybersecurity, there’s no set it and forget it. Today’s malicious probes, intrusions and attacks don’t just multiply, but constantly shift and evolve. This means cyber security solutions must also continuously update their awareness, coverage and responses to […]

Significant improvements can be demonstrated in updating automation in either independent machine controls or an entire facility. More and more manufacturers are upgrading control systems primarily to fight the battle of equipment obsolescence, rather than taking the opportunity to invest in upgrades, in order to gain more productive years out of major capital assets. There […]

  Control Systems Engineer with twenty-five (25+) years in engineering, programming, design, construction, commissioning and start-up in the Oil/Gas production, refining, power and petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and other manufacturing industries. Experience includes: Project and construction management, Process Instrumentation, DCS, PLC, ESD and SCADA; Compressor control and anti-surge systems, GE Multilin motor protection, Variable Frequency Drive – […]

Distributed Control Systems (DCSs) Are Gaining New Capabilities, Such as Integrating with Safety Systems, to Match the Unique Needs of Their Process Applications You can’t just waltz into a refinery’s process control system with mainstream, IT-based computers and expect to be successful. Big process applications are unique environments—even from one to another—so they need the […]

Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) has selected Honewell to provide the Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS) for its 615,000 barrel-a-day Al Zour refinery to be built in southern Kuwait. Honeywell will also provide the front-end engineering design (FEED) for the system.   by Dec 12, 2013

Twenty seven years experience in industrial process automation and control. His experience includes project supervision, project estimating, project scope of work and bid document preparation, project scheduling, materials procurement, electrical and instrumentation design, process automation control design and implementation, control systems training program development and implementation, classroom instruction of the electrical and instrumentation craft, as […]

PURPOSE: I am seeking a Lead Engineering position in the control system field that shall enable and challenge my  DCS, PLC, and SIS experience and knowledge  The position could include project management and direct supervision of system design or system configuration engineers.   EDUCATION: Bachelors of Chemical Engineering Degree, Villanova University, Villanova, PA   PROFESSIONAL […]

Herding Cats: Successfully Manage All Those Process Variables With a Systematic Approach to Plant-Wide Control From By Sigurd Skogestad A chemical plant may have thousands of measurements and control loops. By the term “plant-wide control,” I do not mean the tuning and behavior of each of these loops, but rather the control philosophy of […]

by Greg McMillan Batch and fed-batch reactors are designed so that the product concentration is always increasing in the reaction phase of the cycle whereas continuous reactors are designed to hold a constant product concentration. These fundamental differences have enormous implications in terms of composition control.   From Modeling and Control

from Modeling and Control by Greg McMillan Reactors are the pivotal unit operation that sets plant capacity and efficiency besides product quality. Reactors provide good examples of the common and distinctive opportunities for the PID control of batch, fed-batch, and continuous unit operations. Here we examine pressure, temperature, and endpoint control.