ABB (CE) Mod 300/ Advant

Insight Technical Solutions, Inc. commenced supporting ABB products in 1994.  Since then, our expertise includes application programming and implementation assistance within many manufacturing industries such as:

  • Oil and Gas,
  • Specialty chemicals, and
  • Pharmaceuticals, etc.

Because of ABB’s commitment to making its new technology compatible with the old, we too have supported that commitment for both hardware / software products and solutions such as:

  • Taylor/ABB systems as far back as the MOD 3,
  • MOD 30,
  • Batch and Continuous processes across the all software releases,
  • Wireless, MODBUS, RS232, RS422, PLC, PC, and various other connectivity and networking issues.

Currently, MOD 300 and Advant are legacy systems; however, we continue to provide full support for them and other members of the ABB family such as:

  • Net and Infi-90,
  • Masterworks,
  • DCI (from Fischer & Porter),
  • Process Portal B / Portal A HMI, and many others.