From Control Global Submitted by Joe Weiss on Fri, 04/28/2017 – 16:14 Additional information concerning the April 21st San Francisco outage The April 21, 2017, San Francisco outage should raise red flags at DOE, FERC and NERC about how they classify Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR) and Bulk Electric System (BES) assets beyond voltage […]

ABB and IBM announce a strategic collaboration that brings together ABB’s industry leading digital offering, ABB Ability, with IBM Watson Internet of Things cognitive capabilities to unlock new value for customers in utilities, industry, transport and infrastructure. Customers will benefit from ABB’s deep domain knowledge and extensive portfolio of digital solutions combined with IBM’s expertise […]

At approximately 9am on April 21, 2017, ONE breaker failed in PG&E’s Larkin Street substation. This ONE breaker in ONE substation brought the city of San Francisco to its knees.  The implications are numbing, particularly considering all of the promises PG&E has made to the California PUC after the San Bruno natural gas pipeline rupture. […]

Most organisations understand cyber security readiness, but lack response and resilience capabilities – especially regarding industrial control systems in the UK, says RSA cyber defence expert Azeem Aleem Vulnerabilities in industrial control systems commonly used by suppliers of critical national infrastructure are potentially the biggest threats to UK cyber security, according to a cyber defence expert. “Industrial […]

So what happens when all of our jobs are replaced by bots? Where will government revenues come from when employment is radically reduced. Bill Gates shares his thoughts on this in an article with Quartz Media by Kevin J.Delaney The robot that takes your job should pay taxes, says Bill Gates

Abstract —Ransomware has recently emerged as the trending new business model for cybercrime with high-profile attacks on hospitals revealing how profitable the technique can be when used to hold operationally critical assets for ransom. Meanwhile, industrial control system (ICS) networks are still struggling to update their security practices due to the perceived absence of threats […]

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Why The Jobs Might Not Be Coming Back #2

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Just because you felt the robots of Boston Dynamics looked a bit like dogs (which is fine if you need a beer from the fridge), consider this factory in China which has reduced it’s staff by over 90%!! Oh, and before you mention quality, it’s actually improved… (File Photo) (File Photo) The firs tunmanned factory […]

Noticed this this afternoon and given the vagueness of International Paper’s post, I’m not sure they’re actually serious in hiring someone. Take a look: Process Control SME International Paper Loveland, OH 45140 II This position will report to the Manager, Process Control Group PL determination will be commensurate with experience 1. Purpose: Technology Subject Matter […]

Amgen to Hire 1,600 Employees in 2017

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Home / Industry News / 2017 / Amgen to Hire 1,600 Employees in 2017 Amgen to Hire 1,600 Employees in 2017 Feb 01, 2017 Amgen CEO Robert Bradway met with President Donald Trump and told him Amgen will be hiring 1,600 people across the United States this year, according to an article in BioSpace. “This […]