Industrial control systems top threat to UK cyber security

by Bill Fester on February 22, 2017

in Industries, Systems

Most organisations understand cyber security readiness, but lack response and resilience capabilities – especially regarding industrial control systems in the UK, says RSA cyber defence expert Azeem Aleem

Vulnerabilities in industrial control systems commonly used by suppliers of critical national infrastructure are potentially the biggest threats to UK cyber security, according to a cyber defence expert.

“Industrial control systems (ICS) in Europe and particularly the UK are based on legacy systems, which is creating opportunities for attackers as we move to a process control network environment,” said Azeem Aleem, director of advanced cyber defence practice for Europe, Middle East and Africa (Emea) at RSA.

“We are seeing evidence of attacks on ICS in things like StuxnetShamoon, and Black Energy linked to the attacks on the Ukrainian power grid,” he told Computer Weekly.

According to RSA researchers, there is a sophisticated surge in the attack domains across industrial control systems. At the same time, many organisations are not aware of the device connectivity patterns inside and outside their ICS environment.

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