Avoid startup surprises in control system migration

by Bill Fester on November 7, 2017

in DCS, Systems

Take advantage of some cutover commissioning tips and tricks

You’re ready. Installation is complete. Your distributed control system (DCS) modernization project nears its end. The control loops of the distillation column have been in manual for the last four hours to allow a hot cutover to the new DCS. The project engineering team said the new controls should work just like the old ones.

The operator puts the control loops in the proper mode. Everything looks good initially. Thirty minutes later, though, the key loops on the column start to cycle. Soon, the top and bottom composition (temperature) loops have hit their respective alarm limits, indicating near out-of-spec products. The operator takes manual control trying to recover. It’s too late. The overhead and bottom streams have switched to recycle mode.

By Laurie Ben, Aaron Crews and James Beall, Emerson Automation Solutions

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