Raising profit margins using automated engineering

by Bill Fester on November 3, 2017

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Most manufacturers see investments in factory connectivity not just as a means of cutting costs, but as a way to increase revenue. In fact, respondents to the Annual Manufacturing Report 2017 anticipate additional revenues of £775,000 over the next 12 months because of their investments in connectivity.

Lee Sullivan, regional manager of industrial automation software specialist COPA-DATA UK, explains how manufacturers can increase profits using automated engineering.


Automated engineering is not about engineering humans out of the production process. Regardless of how a control system is used – whether by manual code writing or by setting parameters for production — it is always humans who complete this task.

However, one of the most talked about advantages of automated engineering is the reduction of complexity and repetitive tasks for human workers.

Rather than setting parameters before every batch of production or inputting end of shift reporting across multiple machines, automated engineering can remove these menial and time-consuming tasks.


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