Selected thoughts from 2017 ICS Cyber Security Conference

by Bill Fester on November 1, 2017

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Submitted by Joe Weiss on Wed, 11/01/2017 – 09:24

From Control Global

The 17th ICS Cyber Security Conference was held 10/23-26/17 in Atlanta. The detailed agenda can be found at CyberWire covered the Conference and provided daily commentary –


Enclosed are my thoughts on selected issues:

– This is the largest ICS Cyber Security Conference to date – almost 400 attendees

– I gave my annual State-of-the-State of ICS Cyber Security presentation the morning of the 24th. Ironically early that morning, I received a Linked-in “Like” of my August Defcon presentation on the lack of ICS Level 0,1 cyber security from a Senior Technical Support Engineer from an infrastructure company in IRAN – they know about this gap! There was also a presentation by Fireeye on Iranian threats. The Fireeye presenter was not aware of this communication nor the articles written by an Iranian engineer on Stuxnet and plant safety systems.


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