Next Steps: From Batch to Procedure-Controlled Automation

by Bill Fester on July 11, 2012

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The Principles of Batch Automation Are Being Used in Continuous Process to Improve Process Safety and Quality, and to Compensate for Losing Older, Highly Experienced Operators


by: Walt Noye

The ISA S88 Standard Committee, whose work resulted in the ISA-88 Batch Standard, may never have foreseen that the principles and best practices it developed for batching processes in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries might one day be the spearhead of an entirely new way to control all types of process plants, whether continuous, batch or hybrid.

Or maybe they did. After WBF, the organization founded to promote batch process technology, and MESA, the organization for manufacturing excellence that grew out of manufacturing execution systems, merged on May 31 (See “FAQ – MESA/WBF Merger“), some of the same people who brought you ISA-88 are now working very hard on ISA-106. ISA-106 is the Procedure-Controlled Automation standard. ISA-106 was designed to leverage the state- and procedure-based functionality of batch processes across the continuous process industries.


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