Why Use Insight Technical Solutions? What We Do. What We Don’t

by Bill Fester on March 30, 2011

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Unlike an engineering firm, integration company, or process control vendor, we do not “do projects”. While we may be involved in projects both large and small, Insight’s business model is to provide an individual, not a turnkey solution. We find that our clients know the most efficient methods of getting projects done, both in terms of what will work with their facility, staff, and product, as well as with budgets and their limitations. By obtaining a competent, productive individual on a cost-plus basis from Insight, our clients don’t have to wonder what percentage of project funding is supporting their project – and what is actually going towards an engineering firm’s overhead costs.

Most of our clients call us when they encounter the following situations:

1)      Staffing reductions and/or attrition of critical control systems experts. When staff people have left for early retirement, taking with them critical expertise regarding both current and legacy control systems, we can fill in that gap with individuals – people who can be there as long as necessary to support the operation.

2)      Leaves of absence. Left in the lurch by a personal leave? Why hire a staff person whose position will be eliminated later when the on-leave employee returns? Yet, interim challenges remain, and an expert from Insight can fill the gap.

3)      Critical projects. While our experts have been involved in a variety of capital projects, sometimes clients prefer to use their own staff for that work, giving the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities to one of our people. This eliminates the need to go to an engineering firm for a turn-key solution – saving money as well.

4)      Changing personnel needs due to a switch to a new system. Our people can support a client’s legacy DCS, on an interim basis, while their staff implements a new system.

One of the most important policies that Insight offers our clients is the option of hiring our personnel after six months on contract with no finder’s fee. This is not something that an engineering firm, integration company, or process control vendor appreciates. Most consider it theft of their intellectual talent. For Insight, it’s considered a compliment and it happens regularly. It shows that we’ve done the match up between client and candidate so well that both will choose to work together for a very long time. It’s a win on all sides, since our clients know completely that the individual they’re hiring is someone who will start work for their company knowing the way they operate. For our associates, they’ve had enough time to become accustomed to working for the client and now know the culture of the firm. And for the Human Resources department, they’ve solved a staffing problem without resorting to costly search firm fees, or the vagary of online recruitment. The cost of an Insight associate is in most cases very close to, or less than the cost of employment and benefits for a staff individual.

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