Cyberattacks on Industrial Controls

by Bill Fester on June 8, 2017

in Industries, SCADA, Systems


Recent statistics have shown that, on average, over half a million cyberattacks occur every minute. The most recent attempts being on a global scale.

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is architectural software used to control and monitor industrial plants. Unfortunately, most of SCADA software used is hosted in Windows OS.

This is a problem because Windows OS is the most vulnerable operating system regarding hackers and cyberattacks. A hacker could possibly take control of the plant’s processes. Windows OS has the highest vulnerability compared to all other operating systems because there are millions of viruses and malwares. This is because Windows is so common. Also, Microsoft’s business practices allow global production of hardware, causing the hardware to be at risk of incompatibility or easier to obtain malware.


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